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Expired Film Developing, Old Film Developing, Found Film



Film processing is 100% Free to you.

Just print off and include this FORM

with your donation.  By donating your film you are

granting The Rescued Film Project full print/publish copyright of recovered images:


Send Form and Film to this address:

Rescued Film Project

P.O. Box 140022
Garden City, ID 83714


There are many different types of film.  Before sending us your film, please email us to confirm that we can process the type of film you have to donate.


Once processed, The Rescued Film Project will email you a digital copy of all discernible images for your personal use. Film processing and scanning can take up to 18 months.


We only accept film donations in the form of undeveloped rolls of film.  We cannot accept printed photos, negatives, slides, or VHS tapes.  We do not return negatives because as stated, all film contributions are a donation to The Rescued Film Project Archive.


You can also help support The Rescued Film Project even if you don't have film to contribute either by purchasing us supplies that we currently need, or with a small donation to help cover chemical and supply expenses.  Make checks payable to The Rescued Film Project.


Needed Supplies:


                              $10.00                                  $20.00





                             $50.00                                 $100.00

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